Previous work by John Dillon for Vauxy Theatre includes the acclaimed ‘SOME PEOPLE’.





This play contains strong language from the start and throughout


Along with thousands of other supporters, Ralph, Eddie, Toddy and Mitch have travelled to Brussels with the expectation of seeing Liverpool win The European Cup for the fifth time. But things don't turn out as they had expected and instead, they must come to terms with the reality of what happened in The Heysel Stadium that night, when thirty nine people were crushed to death.


WEARING COLOURS was written in the summer months following the Heysel Stadium tragedy, specifically to counter the seemingly concerted efforts by government and media to pillory not only Liverpool supporters but football supporters generally.

WEARING COLOURS attempts to highlight some of the other, less well publicised factors which were contributory elements in the deaths of those unfortunate thirty nine football fans.

WEARING COLOURS was never intended as a white wash for the vile minority in The Heysel Stadium for the European Cup Final: nothing can ever excuse any who indulged in behaviour that led to such fatal chaos. Yet many believed then, and still do believe, that other cuplrits were involved in the Heysel disaster. Culprits who have never been accused of any misdemeanour, negligence or incompetence leading to the deaths of those thirty nine supporters.



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